Friday, October 18, 2019

Update 19th October


BREXIT…  A MUST VIEW T.V. WATCH on Sat. 19th from 5.45 pm on BBC… until late.

There is only one story in town this weekend so I just want to alert you to it hence this short Oblique View.  The story is BREXIT. Apparently Boris Johnson has blindsided the great majority of pundits and observers and achieved the impossible.  Superman. In his trail he has left a distraught DUP party with Arlene Foster, Nigel Dodds and the intellectual wing of the party, Sammy Wilson, in shock. Boris, in July, told the DUP that under no circumstances would he ever do x, y, z but then very unfairly did x,y,z! The observers said of this behaviour it was ‘promiscuous’ and that, ‘Boris was faithful to……Boris of course’. So move over ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ the cereal of the moment is…B…R…E…X…I…T.

(The irrelevant Baron Kilclooney (John Taylor former N.I. Minister) who reclines in The House of Lords has hit the headlines with a racial insult of Leo Varadkar and the suggestion that the Brexit Agreement would lead to a United Ireland which would make it necessary for thousands of Unionists to leave Northern Ireland and go to …I presume the mainland.  John Taylor is involved with the newspaper group Alpha the group that once bought The Roscommon Champion and had a premises on St. Patrick Street in  Boyle. The Roscommon Champion no longer exists of course. Anyway that is a minor digression).

Today, Friday, Boris is getting plaudits from Junker, Tusk, Barnier, Macron and a whole panel of politicians including Merkel who he insulted some time ago. He is just outside the nomination time-line for a Nobel ‘can do’ award. Maybe next year Boris. All is forgiven! The Commons last sat on Saturday during The Falklands War when the Iron Lady called the shots.  The fight now is for VOTES on Saturday with the margins being the slimmest. The key is the number of Labour MP's who abandon the (a)pathetic Corbin. These are Labour MP's who represent constituencies which voted LEAVE. They are under very severe pressure as their necks (jobs) are on the line. Macron might divert some Guillotines to Westminster and revive an old English tradition of ‘heads off’.        

Tomorrow, Saturday, we have as the main event THE VOTE in The House of Commons. This is the European Cup Final of Politics played out in the Palace of Westminster. No dodgy pitch there. All red carpet for the occasion.

One would nearly have to pencil in a Spanish nap tomorrow Sat. as first up is the Republic of England v The Commonwealth of Australia at 8.15am I think and then the Republic of Ireland plus the Northern Ireland  v New Zealand All-Blacks (their basketball players are called The Tall Blacks!). In the evening Boyle play Strokestown in Strokestown at 7.30 in the Junior ‘B’ semi-final. Everything is relative!

Tadhg T.V.

The smile inducing commentary of the week comes from realboyle’s television reviewer Tadhg as follow;          

Fox 9pm
The Walking Dead
ANOTHER tadhg tv favourite is back this week, a show where our hero tries to survive in a world full of zombies
Now the zombies are not able to talk but just look at you and mumble.
I think I  tried to sell Boyle GAA lotto tickets to a few of them on a couple of Saturday nights.”

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