Monday, June 16, 2014

Canon Gerry Hanly's 40 years / St. Joseph’s Parish Council / Canon Gerry Hanly planted a tree / Traditional Music Session - Friday 13th June

Celebrating Canon Gerry Hanly's 40 years


Friday 13th June: St. Joseph’s Parish Council, family, fellow priests and a large congregation joined with Canon Gerry for a Mass of Thanksgiving and Celebration at 7.30pm in St. Joseph's Church. Like Canon Gerry the ceremony was a relaxed one assisted by Bishop Jones, 11 co-celebrants, three local choirs and a bio-appreciation by Fr. Noel from Sligo. Our soon-to-be-retired Bishop Jones introduced his words with a great one liner ...As Henry V111 said to his first wife, "It won't take long".
Following Mass a very enjoyable social evening was held in St. Joseph’s Hall with music by Michael Harrington and Frankie Simon. Refreshments courtesy of the Parish Council
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St. Joseph’s Parish Council


Canon Gerry Hanly planted a tree, Friday 13th June


Long, long after we have all passed away, this tree in the grounds of St. Joseph's Church will remind people that at time of planting, Canon Gerry Hanly had been ordained 40 for years

Traditional Music Session - Friday 13th June


Dodd's Lounge on the Crescent is a venue for many meetings, music, and songwriters. It was 'full house' for Friday's Traditional Irish Music session by local musicians. [photos...]

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