Thursday, December 24, 2015

Update 24th December

A Happy Christmas to all, especially to those abroad in Oz/Canada/ the United States/ England/ Middle East and other parts.

A representation of those is as follows: Damien Keenehan/ Seamus Gallagher and Lukie Brennan in Oz/ Tadgh Egan in Canada /  In New York; Austin Beisty, Frankie Flaherty, Damien Dooley and the Beirne boys Kenneth & Hillary/ Paddy Conlon/ Megan Morris in the mid-east/ Darren Dockery mid.-east and the London group, John Harrington, a former Christmas quiz winner and that most durable player a.n.other. (Apologies for not being able to mention a representative number of ladies due to lack of knowledge regarding same.)

Items I might have referred to on a different week

• It was nice to see John Joe Nerney featured in the section reflecting on Irish sports people who passed away in 2015, in the RTE Sports Review of the Year. Otherwise it was much too long as was the BBC equivalent.

• ‘Mrs. Browne is taking over Christmas’ says the RTE Promo. Not with me Mrs. Browne. I can’t get it and in the season that is in it, I will not say what I think of it.

• I suggest that we take an interest in the proposal that a large swathe of townlands adjacent to Athlone will be incorporated in Athlone and Westmeath and thus be lost to Roscommon. Father Liam Devine in the Roscommon Herald is really engaged with that dilemma. The resistance is being led by Ger Ahern of St. Brigid’s Club. It would not be the first campaign that this high-powered ex -army man has been involved in.

• I see that Fianna Fail have nominated Eugene Murphy to contest the upcoming election. Eugene lost, if I remember correctly, in the County Council elections last time out. Eugene is an affable, popular individual but ... I must admit that I do not seem to know who the other candidate Sean Og Higgins is. Perhaps I should get out more! But then again I am reasonably in touch with things relating to Roscommon. It must be pretty demoralising for the Soldiers of Destiny to see that they have made so little impact in their own rehabilitation since their deserved demolition in the last election. I doubt if Eugene is going to engender a lot of confidence locally, in that regard.

• I read an interesting contra piece on Mother Theresa on last Sunday’s Independent back page - 40, by Carol Hunt. Apparently Pope Francis has ‘signed off’ on the miracle required to elevate Mother Theresa to sainthood. Carol Hunt wasn’t asked for her reference obviously.

• Talking of saints, Bertie Ahern continued with some of his old guff on BBC recently referring to Mister and Missus Joe Soap losing the run of themselves and causing the boom which of course later resulted in the bust. They did this, according to Bertie, by buying one house, then ‘LEVERAGING’ the buying of the second on the first and so on to three maybe even four et al. There used to a scheme which embraced this called a ‘pyramid scheme’. Anyway Bertie we did not ALL do this even if a few Joe Soaps allegedly did. So go back in cupboard Bertie with that guff. Losing the run of themselves seems to be a thing with Taoisigh as when Enda talked about troops having to be stand guard around ATMs’. I wondered that they wouldn’t have thought of just not providing the money for the ATMs’ to avoid the necessity of such dramatic manpower.

• I hope to see some of you at the Boyle GAA Quiz and Social Night on Sunday night starting early at 7.45 ending 10.16. 16 is going to be the buzz number soon. Along with the quiz there is the various club presentations for 2015… Players of the Year-, Male and Female/ Club Person of the Year/ Hall of Fame. A quiz anagram or whatever might be, ‘Translate, BYO?
Safe, considered and considerate driving

Enjoy the Christmas

Slan t.c.   

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