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Update 10th April

Some National News Stories Currently
·        Now that the trials of Graham Dwyer and Ian Bailey have faded from the front pages what are the current issues in the news.
·         The Irish Water saga ploughs on like a derailed train that has hardly left the station.
·         The HSE and the deficiencies in the health system.
·    Workers who went on a one day stoppage last week are feeling the heat from Dunnes Stores management. Dunnes, the original Ryanair of the Irish retail business, do not like being challenged by unionised workers. This looks like a dispute that will run for some time. 
·        The cost of rented accommodation in Dublin is going through the roof for workers and especially students.
·         The Mortgage Crisis Continues in its many hues.
·         The lack of housing in Dublin. 
·        Drug abuse and homelessness in Dublin. It is something to see, in the heart of the city, this drug abuse almost openly and of people sleeping in doorways on the prestige street of the capital. Though these issues are highlighted regularly they continue with little hope of redress. 
·         The teachers and their dispute regarding teacher assessment of their own pupils.   

House Numbering
While I obviously know the number of my own house I rarely use it. Neither is it indicated on view on my door or otherwise. Sure wouldn’t everyone know where I live! It reminds me a story of a visitor looking for a convent in some part of the country. He asked someone he met on the roadway and was given directions. He proceeded as directed but he eventually felt he had gone beyond the requirements of the directions he had been given.  He went back and met someone else who indicated that ‘the convent is just up at the top of that road where the trees are’. The visitor replied; ‘It’s a wonder they would not put a sign indicate where it is?’ to which his local assistant replied; ‘What would be the need for that? Sure doesn’t everyone know where the convent is?’
However while the lack of house numbers may have been ok in the past their lack must now be a cause of frustration to many in these different times. Apart from casual visitors and those in the know a whole new commercial consideration has come into play and that is on line shopping.  It must really be challenging to those in the delivery of these goods when they come into estates, to find poor house numbering or no numbers at all.
So I too must do better, a phrase I used from time to time in another life.
Some time ago there was a process underway regarding the roll out of post codes throughout this country. I have not heard of it in recently.                                               


Roscommon’s Fine U 21 Connacht Final Win
There were two great results for Roscommon football, on consecutive days, last week-end. On Saturday in Tuam, the heartland of Galway football, Roscommon and Galway served up as good a game of football as I’ve seen for a considerable time. After an early advantage to Galway when they went five points ahead Roscommon fought back to lead at half time by 1.10 to 2.5. There were some great scores through all this. The second half continued in the same high standard and Galway controlled the opening ten minutes or so of the half but a Roscommon goal engineered by Enda Smith and finished by Kenny saw the tide turn. Roscommon ran out three point winners on the score of Roscommon 3.14 Galway 3.11. There was a range of fine displays from players on both sides with Roscommon’ shining light Diarmuid Murtagh ending up with 1.7 including six frees. This is a fine Roscommon team with a number of exceptional players but the strength- in- depth is also there as evidenced by the contribution of the substitutes.  This is the county’s fourth U 21 title since 2010 with near misses in the interim. Beating Galway in a Connacht final was also very important.
Well done to the Boyle contributors to Enda Smith and Evan McGrath
The Roscommon support was in the ascendancy in the five thousand plus crowd on a lovely evening for football in Tuam the home of Stockwell and Purcell who are remembered near the dressing rooms in a modest way.
Roscommon now meet Tyrone the Ulster champions who defeated Donegal this week. Cavan looks like a possible venue for that All-Ireland Semi- final next week end 18/19th. In the other semi-final Dublin will play Tipperary winners over Cork.

Roscommon Seniors Promoted to Division One
Roscommon continued the good work on Sunday with promotion to Division One of the League for 2016. Consolidation in Division Two seemed to be the objective at the beginning but the win over Down, away, meant all associated with the team and its supporters began to feel an even greater reward for their efforts was possible. And so it transpired in a poor enough game, especially in the first half, against a tenacious Westmeath, who were fighting relegation in Mullingar on Sunday. The injection of the U 21 players Murtagh, Smith and Harney swung the tide in Roscommon’s favour in the middle of the second half. Supporters were well tuned in to happenings elsewhere which also went Roscommon’s way but there were times in that second half when things looked ominous. So next year Roscommon will be playing Dublin, Kerry, Mayo, Monaghan, Donegal, Cork and Down. This will really be a challenge but it where all associated with the games in Roscommon would wish to be especially at this time when there are so many good young players emerging.  These wins were referred to in one local newspaper as Roscommon’s Easter Rising.
Roscommon CBS v Dingle in All-Ireland ‘A’ Colleges Final.
On this coming Saturday my former secondary school Roscommon CBS play their biggest ever game when they take on hot favourites Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne from Dingle the reigning title holders. CBS have overcome some big challenges on their way to this final defeating St. Gerald’s of Castlebar, Summerhill, Sligo and Good Counsel, New Ross. Still any team from Kerry brings with it a certain high standard as this year’s All-Ireland club finals re-echoed and one can only hope that the Roscommon School do well. Liam Gilmartin aged 93 and one of the first students of the CBS on its establishment in 1937 hopes to be present on Saturday supporting his old Alma Mater.

University Challenge Finale
Once I watched little television apart from sport and current affairs. Perhaps it was because I always seemed to be going to meetings. That phase of my life has abated pretty much. A good few years ago in our staffroom at St. Mary’s College when something about meetings came up a staff colleague declared ‘I am secretary of so many different things I am now often writing to myself!’
Anyway one of my favourite quizzes comes to a finale on Monday night next on BBC 2 at 8 o’clock when Oxford's Magdalen College take on with Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. A team I thought as having the star of the show this year, Gabriel Trueblood, was beaten by its sister Oxford College. You might not know many answers but the format of the quiz in enduring. While longevity is not always an indicator of a quality series it is in this case.


Obama Legacy

Barack Obama is obviously working on his legacy issues with the ongoing treaty with Iran and his moves towards rapprochement with Cuba.

Jonathan runs out of luck

President ‘Good Luck’ Jonathan obviously ran out of luck with his losing of a recent election in Nigeria.

New Beer Ads
I see an advertisement for a new lager beer titled ‘Hop House 13’. A catchy name it is not. I actually saw another new beer by the name of ‘Blonde’. More catchy perhaps!

Sin é ... Slán



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