Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Play’s the thing / Sports National / Errata

On Friday night The Clock Theatre Group will perform Brian Friel’s ‘The Communications Cord’ Directed by Gerry Golden.  I saw and enjoyed it earlier this summer and I recommend it and the efforts of all involved. 

Sports Review Local

Boyle went down by the narrowest of margins to Castlerea in the senior championship on Sunday evening last at Strokestown. While I was unable to attend I am led to believe that this was a game Boyle could have won and looking at wide counts from both sides 10 to Boyle and 3 to Castlerea that is logical. It was therefore an opportunity missed to remain in the Championship and contest the quarter finals v Western Gaels. While we can rightly say that the objectives for the year have been achieved, those being consolidating the team’s status at senior level in League and Championship. Still windows of opportunity at this level are rare gifts.  

Sports National

What a dramatic week-end it was with the All-Ireland Football Semi-Finals. Mayo failed somewhat to maintain the momentum of the second half in the drawn game while Kerry learned more from that game. In 2008 Keith Duggan had published a book on Mayo Gaelic football titled ; ‘House of Pain: Through the Rooms of Mayo Football’. No Gaelic Athletic Association football county has endured more anguish and disappointment in the quest for the Sam Maguire Cup than Mayo. The intervening six years have provided a great deal of extra pain and the book seems to be regularly in need of updating. It is an incredible story. It is in a perverse way also a story of resilience and courage as the county rises form those deep and regular disappointments to embark again on their odyssey towards the Holy Grail of Gaelic Football. One must give credit to Kerry who, despite their luxury of many victories, constantly seek that same reward with a tenacity and commitment buoyed by huge tradition. In watching the late night assessment of the game the role of the referee came under searching scrutiny by Kevin McStay. Some of the incidents he highlighted were just difficult to watch. Oddly there was no call for the revival of the old chestnut that of having  a second  referee on the field. If the role of linesmen and umpires continues to be benign then it will have to come. There is also the notion out there that the appointment of referees, for big games, is kind of political as opposed to the ‘best’ man getting the job. Certainly the referee last Saturday did little to assuage Mayo’s pain. And again it might have been different had the Mayo goalkeeper’s effort not fallen a metre or so short ! It is time that the Gods take a more sympathetic approach to Mayo.
Donegal gave an exhibition of football after weathering the early Dublin blitz. It led to the defeat of a team that looked unbeatable this summer. It demonstrated once again the beauty of sport where the impossible dream can emerge against all the odds and predictions. Outside of Donegal few saw it coming. While we can have our opinions of who will win the final between Donegal and Kerry it is said that; ‘When man attempts to predict the future the Gods smile’.    
Hurling referees seem to cope better with its requirements. I do not know why this is so. One thing perhaps is that the top hurling referees are better known to the participating players. Barry Kelly from Westmeath will be in charge on Sunday for his fourth All-Ireland final. The battle between Tipp’s ‘Hurler of the Year’ contender, Seamus Callinan, and Kilkenny great J.J.Delaney will be one to watch. It could be a titanic struggle again between these old and intense rivals.  Who will win? I don’t know.  


On a recent trip through road works at Greatmeadow I was stopped at a red light. Then I noticed that my waiting time was counting down on a incorporated clock. While I know that those can be seen at bus stops and rail stops this was the first time I saw it in this work environment. 
The bypass of Ballaghaderreen was opened this week. This will give a great stretch of road all the way to Castlebar. It is part of folklore that Paraic Flynn, when in the relevant department, said that he would start these fine roads in Castlebar and work out from the county’s capital. The N5 through Roscommon must be one of the worst stretches of National Primary roads in the country from near Ballagh to Tarmonbarry via Frenchpark, Ballinagare, Tulsk and Strokestown. I heard a complimentary word used last week that I had not heard for some time and it was said of someone that he was; a ‘topping’ man. Maybe P. Flynn was a ‘topping’ man for Mayo in respect of road provision at least. 

Regards to

When I was doing the Boyle GAA Facebook page I used to be in contact with some Boyle GAA men in far flung places mainly Australia. I do not know if any of you tune in here but my regards to Darren Dockery, in Dubai ; Tadgh Egan in Canada, Killian with a K Egan, Seamie Gallagher, Damien Keenehan, Ciaran Keenehan, Ciaran Conlon, J.S. Lyons and Karl Keenan in Oz. There is nearly half a good team there. I’ll have to update my list as I am sure there are many more and also my gender balance is pitiful as I do not know the Boyle ladies in those places apart from my neighbour Miss Brady in Dubai . Anyway regards to you all from Boyle. t.c.

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