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Update 30th September

Boyle GAA’s ‘Get Active Initiative’, Launch

While I know that this has been pretty well flagged I go on the experience that no matter how much you advertise something you may meet someone after the event who will say; ‘Had I known about that I would have gone to it’. So here goes.
Boyle GAA’s ‘Get Active Initiative’ will be launched in King House on this Friday October the 2nd in King House at 7.30 with the ‘Keynote Address’ by nationally known Professor Niall Moyna who articulates “..the greatest health benefits occur when the least active in the population become moderately active”.
It is an open forum with all welcome and admission is free. Those wishing to register on the night can do so. There is an interesting and varied programme in place and it can be sourced by clicking on here

Mick Wallace and NAMA

NAMA as most people would be aware is a juggernaut with extensive powers and a secrecy surrounding it that is hardly tenable in a democratic state. Mick Wallace sounding very well informed indeed, obviously sourcing his information from very Deep Throat subjects, has been highlighting particular aspects of NAMA’S activity in the Dail in recent days. If they are true they are deeply disturbing and will be hugely costly to the state. The Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, has been most circumspect with his answers to Deputy Wallace. Perhaps there is a fear that the whole NAMA house of cards will come tumbling down if forensically examined. Perhaps it is not only the NAMA edifice that might come down but that there could be collateral political damage there also. As, to paraphrase the line the Bard gave to his character Marcellus-not Hamlet- Something seems rotten in the state of NAMA.

Boyle Actor Jarlath Tivnan at The Hawk’s Well

Boyle actor Jarlath Tivnan is a busy thespian. Currently he is on a nationwide tour with a leading part in the play ‘Vernon God Little’. This is based on the 2003 Booker Prize winning novel by DBC Pierre. The Australian author is now an honorary Leitrim man having been domiciled in Ballinamore for nearly fifteen years.
The play produced by Decadent Theatre Galway will be in the Hawk’s Well, Sligo on Wednesday October the 8th at 8 pm.
 The Young Vic theatre audience in London voted the original show as one of the top 3 shows of the last twenty five years.
Vernon Little lives in a flea-bitten Texan town, “the barbeque sauce capital of the state”, where his best friend has just massacred sixteen of his classmates. The town wants vengeance and turns its sights on the innocent Vernon who is arrested from the start of the story. As the saying goes - “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” – Vernon hits the road and flees to Mexico pursued by a media circus of outlandish proportions.

The Examiner- Review Comment
“A heart-breaking figure, Vernon is a squirming, bottled up ball of rage and confusion, and he is played with tremendous delicacy by Tivnan, who finds both the spirit and the sadness that engulfs the character.”

**Despite the time of year there is wide canvass of sport to engage the sport’s anorak of which disposition I am a member

County Semi-finals

I quote my friend and fellow Fuerty man Canon Liam Devine who introduced his popular column in the Roscommon Herald this week thus; “There is nothing like a shock result to add spice to the championship. Except, of course, two shock results. That is what happened in the two senior championship semi-finals in Kiltoom last Sunday”.
The victors over Boyle in the quarter finals, Padraig Pearse’s, cruised by Roscommon Gaels who as the current phrase says ‘failed to turn up’. This reinforces Boyle’s sense of loss.
Clan na Gael could have had no sweeter victory than their defeat of five times in a row champions and keen rivals St. Brigid’s. St. Brigid’s have been great champions and have achieved the ultimate club accolade with their winning of the All-Ireland Club title in 2013. They have played an awful lot of football in the last decade. So it will not be surprising if a number of the team which were instrumental in all that call it a day. Their challenge now is to re-build and see if they can challenge next year.
It was a bitter-sweet victory for former St. Brigid’s goalkeeper Shane Curran. Still it is a considerable achievement for a character who is often dismissed as a kind of a clownish figure in Roscommon sport. Not by me I might add. So the county senior final will have two Curran managers on opposite sides as the Dublin man Paul Curran manages St. Brigid’s.

Roscommon Team Management

An impressive group are being put in place to take on the management of the Roscommon senior footballers ongoing. These include Kevin McStay, Fergal O’Donnell, Liam McHale, David Casey, Stephen Bohan. There is a considerable Boyle input there. They all have varied managerial experience with Fergal being here before and also managing the county minors to All-Ireland success in 2006 assisted by Stephen Bohan. Kevin McStay of course managed St. Brigid’s to their All-Ireland club success. He is an honorary Roscommon man at this stage and it good to see that we have so much Roscommon input into the management. I was never a real fan of the long distance manager. As a lot of people will be aware there is a wealth of very good young players in the county at present and it is vital that their potential is harnessed to the best possible extent. I am confident that this group will do that and I wish them well. This will raise considerably the interest and enthusiasm of Roscommon’s dedicated support and we look forward with a degree of optimism to the coming three/four/five years.

***Mayo’s Management Crisis

News is just emerging of a crisis in the Mayo team management with a vote of no confidence by the players in the current management who have been there for just one year. In this year they reached an All-Ireland Semi-Final, losing out to the eventual winners and but for various tricks of fate they could be have the ultimate winners. This is very serious issue for a proud football county and will leave a legacy whichever way it is ultimately patched up. I imagine that the players vote was hardly unanimous. The brother of one of the managers is also the County Chairman which adds to the difficulty.  A potential management team will be very wary of taking on the challenge in this divisive atmosphere.

Fuerty in County Intermediate Final

I have the possibility of  being a supporter of a county title-winner still as Fuerty take on Michael Glavey’s in the Intermediate Final on Sunday in Strokestown at 3.30. My family in Castlecoote have traditionally been associated with Fuerty football and Athleague hurling for generations. The area has two hurling  teams Athleague and Tremane while the Fuerty side of the parish was more taken with  football. Trying to juggle the competing interests of dual clubs has been an ongoing challenge. Fuerty got to the All-Ireland Junior final in 2013 at Croke Park which was a huge day for the club. They lost that to Kildare champions Two Mile House. Fuerty were once a force in Roscommon senior football winning senior championships in ’29 and ’34. My father was a member of those teams. The club got a huge lift from the Mulhern family in 2001 when they were looking for a field to buy as their grounds. Brian Mulhern, who was home from New York, was asked if he would sell the club a field which he owned. He said that he would not sell it to them but that he would ‘give it’ to them in memory of his recently deceased wife Margaret . Brian himself was to die, a young  man, before the official opening of ‘Mulhern Park’ in 2006. Fuerty club has progressed a long way in the short number of years since then and Brian Mulhern’s generosity is key in that.
It is over eighty years ago since Fuerty played in senior football but maybe by Sunday evening the dream of a return to it will be realised.

P.S. A Boyle connection with the Fuerty team is player Séan Melia N.T. of St. Joseph’s National School, Boyle.

Some Games

Boyle Seniors in O’Rourke Cup League Semi-Final
Boyle Seniors will take on Roscommon Gaels in the O’Rourke Cup Semi-Final at Boyle on Saturday evening at 5. Sorry I don’t know if Boyle has ever won the O’Rourke Cup (‘Could do better’). So it would be a considerable achievement to do so.  The winners play St. Brigid’s. Because of that I imagine the final will be not be delayed.
Boyle Juniors had a very nice and comprehensive win, with stretched resources, on a lovely Sunday morning, in the Abbey Park. It is to the credit to the management of Aidan  Lavin and David O’Connor that they have achieved what they set out to do and fulfilled all their fixtures to date despite the limited numbers available.
It was something to see referee Turlough Bruen with a full set of officials also present including St. Ronan’s stalwart Patrick McTiernan. Patrick is now making waves as a referee himself, taking on board all the advice he had liberally given to referees himself during  a distinguished playing career.
I believe that some members of the Ladies Club had an enjoyable trip to a Seven’s Tournament in Dublin recently.

World Cup Rugby

There has been a couple of roller coaster games in the Rugby World Cup to date. The stand out one was Japan’s victory over South Africa which I referred to last week. Last Saturday evening provided a second with the victory of Wales over England. England dominated the game for the most part but two crucial errors of game management cost England a draw at the least. One was in terms of substitutions and the second was the decision was not to go for a penalty kick which would have given them a draw at least. It shows that even at the highest and most professional level huge errors are made. This now means England have to defeat Australia on Saturday evening at 8. The spectre of England, the host nation, having their participation in competition terminated with the group stages will be pretty devastating for the hosts. So Saturday evening is a real test for them as the group of death (sport’s wise) lives up to its label.
On Sunday Ireland play Italy at 4.45. Ireland has had an easy run so far. This will be a tougher assignment but they should be able to cope. Their last game is against France probably to avoid New Zealand in the quarter finals.
We are approaching the business end of the competition.

Champions League

If the England rugby team are in a serious position regarding qualifying for the play-offs then this is replicated by the major English soccer teams. A couple of years ago I felt that the Champions League was the T.V. series of the winter. But now it is turning into a damp squib. The Supermarket ‘buy a team’ philosophy has hit the wall and I imagine that support for teams will wane. Once a casual viewer like myself would see a number of Irish players participating or know a good number of the English/Scottish/Welsh team-members of the top clubs. There was a number of years ago a short lived effort to restrict the number of ‘foreign’ players on a team. Teams sometimes field now with no English player. This, on imagines would reduce the interest. Anyway, like the English rugby team, it could be a short European season for a number of these clubs.
P.S. I am told that Sean Purcell is on the Connacht soccer team playing this week-end. I remember Sean captaining an Irish U 16 soccer team which defeated (I think) England at Flancare Park, Longford circa 2001.                                  

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